Those are 100% brand new P-touch compatible Brother labels.

  • Save up to 70% on printing costs

  • Label tapes are brand new non-OEM, sold in individually packages (Non OEM stands for Non Original Equipment Manufacturer)

  • Size of label tape is equal as OEM

  • ISO 9001 Certified Manufacture

Please note that those are LAMINATED label tape.


  • 50 x Brother Compatible Red on White P-Touch Tape TZ-232 TZe-232


Label Tape Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 12mm x 8m

  • Color : Red on White

  • Product Code: TZ-232 TZe-232

  • Quality Grade A Plastic with Strong Adhesive and Sharp Print

  • Compatibility Brother labellers


High quality labels are used for the following labellers:

  • PT-900

  • PT-1000 PT-1010 PT-1090 PT-1230PC PT-1280 PT-1290 PT-1400 PT-1650

  • PT-1750 PT-1830 PT-1880 PT-1950

  • PT-2420PC PT-2430PC PT-2100 PT-2300 PT-2030 PT-2700 PT-2730

  • PT-3600 PT-7600 PT-9600

  • PT-9500PC PT-9700PC PT-9800PCN

  • PT-7100VP